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    Inicio: 19:00

    Duración: 2h

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HRI: user studies, therapeutic robots, ethical issues and philosophical considerations

The workshop features three parts. The first part presents an overview of current research on human-robot interaction, covering user orientation, acceptance, social presence, social skills. In the second part, we will go more in depth on social robots that are used in therapy. The third part deals with ethical and philosophical issues.

The workshop combines a vivid intera presentation of theory, complemented by short assignments and room for discussion.

Marcel Heerink
Marcel is the coordinator of a new research chair of robotics, initiating projects and international collaborations for example on therapeutic robots for different target groups.

La Salle Campus Barcelona
Laboratorio ADR
Edificio Sant Jaume Hilari – Planta -2
Quatre Camins 30
08022 Barcelona